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~Our Services~

Tax Preparation

Currently taking New Tax clients as drop off's only!

Prices start as low as $80 


Whether you're single with one W2; married with kids and a house; have rental homes; or the owner of an LLC

We Have you Covered!


We provide tax preparation for Personal, Sole Proprietor, and Single Member LLC tax returns. 


Our services include: preparation and e-filing of your state and Federal tax return, direct deposit/direct withdrawal set up for any refunds or money owed (at your request), guidance you may need throughout the year. 


We understand finding the time can be hard!

We accept in-person or phone appointments. 

Tax returns can also be worked on as a drop off without an appointment. 


Note: Drop offs are of lower priority to appointments - a licensed professional will do their best to get to your return as quick as possible as they work on it in-between appointments.

Payroll Services

Prices start as low as $40/Month


As a business owner,  you have a lot on your plate. We can help take some of the load off by processing your payroll for you.

Big or small businesses, we welcome them all!


We can process your payroll on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly schedule.


Our services will include copies of payroll reports after each payroll processed, copies of all employee paystubs, copies of all quarterly and year end forms, deposit figures, and any additional payroll reports at your request


Prices are dependent on the number of employees you have.

For an additional charge we can make sure your State and Federal deposits get paid for you. 


*We currently do not offer paycheck printing or direct deposit


We Are Currently not taking on any new Bookkeeping

$35 an Hour

Are you struggling to find the time to to do the dreaded bookkeeping for your business?  Not sure how to categorize your expenses? 


Take a step back and Breathe, we have your back over here at BW Tax!


We will make sure your table saw, staples, and bows all make it into their appropriate places, all while making sure those loans and transfers are recorded. Along with the reconciliations of your bank statements, we will also provide you with a copy of your profit and loss for the whole year. 

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